Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre (partially lost showtape recordings for animatronic theater; 1977-1995)

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Example of a showtape.

Status: Partially Lost

Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre is a restaurant chain started in 1977.

At Pizza Time Theater and any other animatronic restaurant chain, the programming for the characters, the lighting effects, video footage, and the show's audio were stored on showtapes (or as of recent showdisc).

These usually contained skits and/or songs sung by the animatronic characters on stage.

Main Showtapes

The following listed are CEC/PTT main stage showtapes, their dates recorded, and status.

Showtape title Status Date Recorded
Original PTT Demo Tape with Crusty Partially Lost May 1977
Helen Henny "Portrait" Showtape (With Crusty & Warblettes) Lost August 1977
Madam Oink "Portrait" Showtape (With Crusty & Warblettes) Partially Lost February 1978
Foxy Colleen "Portrait" Showtape (With Crusty & Warblettes) Partially Found October 1978
Helen Henny "Portrait" Showtape (With Mr. Munch & Mopsey Sisters) Partially Found November 1978 (Kooser Only)
Unknown Lost May 1979
Unknown Lost August 1979
Unknown Lost November 1979
Unknown (Out of the May 1979-March 1980 Shows, one of them is Sally I, the other is a Foxy/Mopsey Sisters Show) Lost March 1980
Sally I Found 1979
Foxy Colleen III - Showboat (With Mr. Munch & Warblettes) Lost May 1980
Foxy Colleen IV - Irish Stew Found August 1980
Madam Oink - Around the World (Normal and X-Mas ver.) Found (Both Variations) November 1980
Unknown Lost March 1981
Harmony Howlette's Wild West Show Found May 1981
Harmony II - Harmony's Hoedown Found November 1981
Madame Oink III - Tunnel of Love (CEC's 5th B-day and Normal) Found (Both Variations) August 1982
Madame Oink IV - "The Tune Machine" Found March 1983
Broadway Helen Henny Found June 1983
Bandstand 1 Found March 1984
Bandstand 2 Found 1984
Country Helen Found 1984
Unknown (Back to School?) Lost January-March 1985
Unknown (Possibly Hit Parade?) Found April/May 1985
Salute to America Found June/July 1985
Salute to Kids Found August/September 1985
Happy Holidays (1985 & 1986) Found November/December ('85-'86)
World of Kids Found January/February 1986
Unknown Lost March/April 1986
Unknown Lost May/June 1986
History of Rock and Roll Found July/August 1986
Unknown (Possibly History of Rock and Roll II?) Found September/October 1986
Happy Holidays (1985 & 1986) Found November/December ('85-'86)
Movie Magic Found January/February 1987
TV Westerns Found March/April 1987
Summertime Found May/June 1987
Working / Summertime Found July/August 1987
CEC Faves / Working Found September/November 1987
Home For the Holidays (Reel Only) Found December 1987
Country / Faves Found January/February 1988
Tune Machine/ Country Found March/April 1988
Summertime/Tune Machine Found May/June 1988
CEC Grammy Awards/Summertime Found July/August
CEC Dance/CEC Grammy Awards Found September/November 1988
Home For the Holidays (Reel Only) Found December 1988
Fractured Classics/Dance Found January/February 1989
CEC Kiddie Songs/Fractured Rock Found March/April 1989
Best of 1988 Found May/June 1989
CEC Dreams/Kiddie Songs Found July/August 1989
CEC Neighbors / Dreams Found September/November 1989
Home For The Holidays (Reel & Cyberstar) Found December 1989
CEC American Pride/Neighbors Found January/February 1990
CEC Kids/American Pride Found March/April 1990
CEC TV Classics Found May/June 1990
Summer Days Found July/August 1990

Other Showtapes

The following listed are the cabaret, lounge, and misc. tapes.

Showtape title Status Date Recorded
Dolli I Partially Lost November 1978
Dolli Dimples II Found 1982
Artie Antlers I Found 1980
B.B. Bubbles Partially Found 1980
King I Found September 1982
King II Found February 1983
King III Found November 1985
King-Combo-Birthday Partially Found July 1986
King '90 #1 Found October 1990
King '90 #2 Found 1990
Still the King Lost? March 1993
King '95 Found 1995
King Kat Found October 1984
Beagles I Partially Found 1980
Beagles II Found May 1982
Beagles III Found February 1983
Beach Bowzers Found October 1985
Beach Bowzers '91 #1 Found 1991
Four Little Shavers Lost 1980
Dr. Dux Diagnostic Stage/Shelf Found 1980


It is rumored that most showtapes were recycled somewhere or destroyed due to them being labeled as obsolete. However, collectors have archived as many tapes as possible.

It is unknown if any of the lost ones will ever be uncovered due to their unknown fate.

On April 2nd, 2016, a YouTube channel by the name of Pizza Time Theatre uploaded a majority of Pizza Time Theater's library of showtapes. Just about all Pizza Time Theater Shows were made available to the public, and to this day remain that way.