Cinemassacre Extra "Motherfuckin' Mario" (partially found YouTube live stream recording; 2016)

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Mike Matei, pictured.

Status: Partially Found

Cinemassacre is a video production company created by James Rolfe and Mike Matei. It hosts a variety of web series on its website and YouTube channel, the most notable ones being The Angry Video Game Nerd, James & Mike Mondays, Board James, and Rental Reviews.

Alongside the main YouTube channel, an alternative channel exists called "Cinemassacre Extra" (later changed to "Cinemassacre Plays" sometime after the article's subject was released). Content of the channel includes live streams from Matei, high-quality uploads of old Angry Video Game Nerd episodes, etc. Sometime around June 2016, Matei did a live stream of the 1985 NES game Super Mario Bros. on the channel. What set the stream apart from others was Matei showing clear signs of inebriation whilst playing; this led to mixed opinions and criticism against Matei, making him delete the stream very shortly after it was done (making the criticism worse in the process).

After the stream was deleted, all that has resurfaced is a 4-minute clip uploaded by YouTube user NinKenDog shortly after the deletion.


According to NinKenDog (uploader of the surviving clip), the stream was about 2 hours long.[1] The clip comes from the very end, as it shows Matei turning the stream off. There are also claims of Matei's inebriation being "way worse" at the beginning of the stream, "falling over and dying on World 1-1, [with] his slurring [being] really bad", and him sobering up at the time of the clip; none of this can be confirmed, however.[2] The stream has gotten the nickname "Motherfuckin' Mario" (referring to one of Matei's nicknames; "Motherfucker Mike"), although when compared to the channel's other videos' names at the time, it was probably originally titled "Super Mario Bros (NES) live stream".


Aside for the clip, nothing else from the stream has resurfaced. Cinemassacre Extra's channel page was not archived when the stream was still available,[3] and the only concrete proof that the stream existed is the surviving clip. Matei understandably does not want the stream to be available online again.


The surviving clip.

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