Clerks III (lost script of cancelled film sequel; 2012-2017)

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Promo image released via Twitter of the draft's title page, circa 2013

Status: Lost

Clerks III is a canceled sequel to director Kevin Smith's 1994 cult classic film Clerks.


According to many sources, there was not much information released about the plot itself. Most that were released were just little things.

From what was said, the film was to start out in black and white, something bad would happen - then it would switch to color. It was also supposed to take place only months after Clerks II. From what was also hinted, Randal was supposed to be given a female love interest. [1]


In February of 2017, Kevin Smith announced he'd be producing a Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.[2] In the same announcement, however, he announced Clerks III's cancellation. At the time of the announcement, it was unknown exactly why he'd canceled the film.

However, in April of 2017, a video surfaced of him calling out Clerks actor Jeff Anderson for being the reason why. Anderson had stated in a previous podcast that he wasn't keen on playing the part of Randal. It took him a while to even be convinced to come onto Clerks II. [3]


The last word by Smith himself was in February, where he stated that it would be released in 'some way'. Either by comic book form or releasing the script itself. Nothing has been said since then.