Clueless DS (cancelled Nintendo DS game based on film; 2008-2010)

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Cover art for the game.

Status: Lost

Clueless (also known as Clueless Fashion/Clueless: Girls in Beverly Hills) is a video game made for the Nintendo DS, intended to be a tie-in for the 1995 comedy film of the same name. The game was developed by 505 Games and was possibly released in Europe on February 26 2010,[1] with no other releases being known to exist. Since its alleged release, the game has not resurfaced digitally or physically, and no copies have been accounted for.


The game was initially announced on July 22, 2008, when Paramount announced plans to adapt plans to adopt three of their teen comedy films into video games through their Paramount Digital Entertainment division. These included Clueless, Mean Girls, and Pretty in Pink. In a GameSpot article about this announcement, a description of the gameplay was given. According to the article "players will hook her girlfriends up with the right guys by judging their interests and clothes. As if that weren't asking enough, players will also have to play Cupid on a time limit."[2] No plot summary is given in the article, though it could be assumed that it's similar to that of the film.

It remains unknown whether or not the game was actually released, with various sources citing the game as cancelled[3](presumably due to the financial failure of the Mean Girls DS game), with other sites giving the aforementioned release date, with rental site Boomerang Rentals allegedly selling the game at one point at a price of £17.50.[4]

The ROM of the game has yet to surface online, as have any physical copies or screenshots.