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Hello. I'm Bedhead Bernie. I am an online creator and ex-moderator of the Lost Media Wiki. My channel does not solely consist of lost media coverage, though I do have a decent backlog of relevant material. My lost media videos are typically documentary-style coverages of search efforts by the community. Some of these take an "outsider-looking-in" approach ("The Search for Cracks"), and others detail my actual involvement ("The Tragic Tale of Freaky Flickers"). It's worth noting beforehand that I haven't voiced any of my own videos. I currently prefer to stay behind-the-scenes, handling the writing and production side of the series.

Latest Video

"LOST: Guillermo Del Toro's Cancelled Pinnochio Adaptation" (09/17/18)
The Pinocchio Film That Never Saw The Light of Day.

Other Videos

"The incredibly tragic tale of the lost kids film, Freaky Flickers"
"SEARCH: A Day With SpongeBob SquarePants (Feat. BlameitonJorge)"
"SEARCH: Have You Seen Me? The Search For Cracks (Feat. Liam Paige)"
"SEARCH: Pinwheel's The Clockman (Feat. Liam Paige)"