College Terra Story (partially found PC visual novel dating game; 1998)

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Cover of the game.

Status: Partially Found

College Terra Story was a PC dating simulator released only in Japan in 1998. It is a direct sequel to the Sega Saturn/PC game High School Terra Story.


Little information about this game exists, The only thing that could be found about the story is from the Visual Novel Database (VNDB) website:

"The story picks up off where High School Terra Story ended. You are, again, Keisuke from the first game and you are now attending college. Keisuke is intrigued with a pop idol rock star named Hiromi, who also happens to attend the same university as he does. The six girls from the first game (Misa, Rina, Mimi, Aki, Chiho, and Mao) are also back and you can continue their love stories from where they left off from the first game if you choose to do so."[1]


Copies of College Terra Story never seem to surface anywhere. There exists an image of what could be A copy of the game, however since the artwork on the box is completely different than the artwork seen everywhere else, it's unknown exactly what it is.

Very little, if any copies are known to exist since a ROM of the game has not been found and coupled with its extreme rarity, this makes the game nearly impossible to experience.

While the game itself hasn't fully resurfaced, Various other things related to the game have. There exists a review of the game on a website called "", a song from the game, the cover art and although for years there was no gameplay footage, recently an hour worth of footage was uploaded to YouTube.

On eBay, it is also possible to find the strategy guide being sold.[2]


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