Commando Cus (lost Bob Gale parody short films; 1970s)

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Bob Gale, creator of the shorts, along with Commando Cody, the character who inspired them.

Status: Lost

Commando Cus was a series of short, amateur films made in the 1970's by Richard Rosenberg and his friend Bob Gale, co-writer and producer of the Back to the Future trilogy.[1]

The shorts were shot on Super 8mm film, and they were parodies of the 1950's movie serial hero Commando Cody.

At least one was exhibited at MidAmeriCon, a science fiction convention in 1976, and Rosenberg has shown portions of another short at several amateur filmmaker meetings. They haven't been shown or mentioned otherwise.

List of Shorts

  • Radar Towers on the Moon: A parody of the Commando Cody short Radar Men From the Moon. Portions of this film were shot on the I-170 highway in St. Louis, Missouri before it was opened to traffic.
  • Night of the Living Drazeehumps
  • Commando Cus vs. Kung Fu Killers (1973)
  • The 100% All-Beef Doom (Unfinished)

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