I Killed a Camerahead

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I happened to realize today marked the one year anniversary of the archive.is find, and my interested in this project was picked up again.. However, I'm disappointed to see a lack of further information found.

I will admit, my own searches have also come up dry. I really did peak with that archive link, so thank you to whomever decided to save the RSS feed for some crazy reason.

It is with a heavy heart that I acknowledge my role in "debunking" Camerheads, which was the last thing I wanted. I had hoped that my find would be a modest one, leading to a steady flow of new information. Maybe old blogspot or LiveJournal entries would have an archive, maybe this would jog someone's memory, maybe the OP would even catch a whiff of the hunt and reveal something, my imagination was on fire with ideas.

In the end, not too much has happened, and that makes me very sad. I still, personally, hope that there is more to find. I hope it can be found. It would be disappointing if there was nothing but a singular post and a short video.

Anyway, my only question now is- What the heck does the Russian text in the archive.is RSS link say? I'm surprised nobody has translated that in a year.