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Hello, Denis D. or Strawberrymint2400, can you answer please what kind of conversation you had with this "dude" since December 19, I tried to contact you in Discord (Denis#6969), but you didn't answered. So can you please told me about this piece of information that could help to find full version of this fangame? I really wanna to play full version and translate it in high quality to show the world that game is exist. Also I'm trying to make it more known for world, and posted recorded sound tracks of game in my Youtube channel, which help others to listen the games STs without dialogue sounds that 2008 footages had, but since I have only demo version of game, I did only 6 recorded tracks to enjoy. Hope you'll answer me Strawberrymint2400 or Denis D. to help me, I also have my Discord. account if you wish to contact me by it - "Doomquake"#8609 (don't delete " 's, they are part of my Discord Nickname). Thanks in Advance.