The Amazing Spider-Man Website Music

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Around 2012, there was an official website for The Amazing Spider-Man movie that recently released at the time. I believe the site was, since that's the site that's shown at the end of the trailers for the movie. Of course, the site has been taken down now. Though, it is still viewable on the Wayback Machine. However, one thing I can't find is the music that would play while you were on the website. I remember hearing it via a Youtube upload years back, but it's very likely deleted at this point. I've tried searching for this song myself but I can't seem to find anywhere, to the point where I think it might actually be lost media now. I've seen nobody else even talk about it either. The only piece of evidence I have for this thing even existing is a cover of the song done by Youtube user "DistantSoundStudios" (<a rel="nofollow" class="external free" href=""></a>). From what I remember, this cover does sound more or less close to the original. In the comments section, somebody does link to a Youtube upload of the original song, but clicking on it reveals that the channel that uploaded it was terminated. As I said before, I've seen nobody else talk about this, so I guess this is my way of bringing attention to it? I hope this helps.