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I've also seen this video before, I'm sure of it. It was about 5 years ago on Youtube, I think it was a video titled "Man dies on set of show" or something and it was linked from another video about actors who died on set. I distinctly recall there were three individuals: the host, another person who was being interviewed and Mr. Rodale. As the host was interviewing the other person, Mr. Rodale quietly slumped his head back and went limp, I don't recall there being any kind of snoring sound, he just went silent. I recall the interviewer saying something like "are we boring you?" but then quickly realizing something was wrong and asking for help. I recall staff coming in and trying to revive him, then the video ended. The video was probably less than a minute long.

Perhaps what I saw was some sort of recreation, though the set looked very authentic based on some screenshots of other episodes of the show. The set had blue walls, and each person was sitting on brown rotating chairs, I think there was a table in the middle. The host was in the middle, Mr. Rodale was sitting to his left and the other guys was sitting to his right. It seemed like it was shot from far away, from a camera that was above the stage and not from any kind of TV episode. Now that I know this is lost media it leaves me with a strange feeling.