Anyone Remember This Episode...?

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Ok so, I watched this show as a kid and I recall an episode in which Grampa and MC Hammer had to team up to stop this...ghost or something? Time traveler? Who looked like Mic Jagger. It was supposed to be this enemy of Grandpa's from the past, who looked like a White heavy metal guy and wore like a purple jacket and a red head band or bandana, he also had some kind of red skull or monster face on his jacket or shirt and it would spring to life and fly at the screen. His whole shtick was he "spread hate" or something and so Hammer and Gramps had to team up and switch the shoes back and forth between them (and Gramps would become young when he did, IIRC) and fight this guy when he returned...eventually he was "destroyed" by his own monster skull thing if memory serves. It had some overarching ham-handed theme about hatred and racism, too, if I recall.

So was that Will and the Jerks or not because somehow I get this impression it's kind of a lost episode?