Another Episode Found

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Hey again!

I recently bought another old Disney Channel VHS and spent last afternoon watching through the entire thing. Alongside singular episodes of Pooh Corner and Mousercise was the Dumbo's Circus episode "A Lion Needs A Mane"– another newly found episode!

This means that between the 2 tapes I've bought, I now possess 4 previously lost episodes:

-"Meet Me At the Fair"

-"A Forest Full of Friends"

-"Lionel's Weather Machine"

-"A Lion Needs a Mane"

I bought a cheap USB VHS-to-digital thing off of Amazon which is supposed to arrive tomorrow, meaning that much to my delight I should finally be able to upload all of these episodes as well as the ones I have of Pooh Corner and Under the Umbrella Tree. Assuming all goes well with that I will upload the tapes on both Archive/YouTube and post the links here. In other words, stay tuned! :)