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Nevermind, some scrolling later and i found something:

"After years of commenting on videos and chatting in discord about the Burger King CD-i training disc, usually right in discussions about CD-i "lost media" it appears people have finally noticed... after reading some random person's comment. lol. Not bad though, I'm glad it's finally being looked into.

ANYWAY, I played it. "Played." It's extremely boring, nothing all that wild or exciting happens in the videos. It is a very basic instructional video with bland voice over and a little quiz. It really set me up for the boring job I was about to have that I would quit as soon as I got a "real" job. Working at Burger King was somehow both stressful and boring at the same time. The most memorable thing on the disc is talking about what to do in case of a robbery. Nothing spectacular there either though, just very basic "don't be a hero" messages."

- "An Actual Mother Bear" 3 months ago