I may have seen this cartoon in 2006

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This was decades back when me and my family were eating at a two-story McDonalds restaurant back in like, 2006. I saw some strange Muzzy in Gondoland/Seven Little Monsters-looking cartoon on a TV and I really doubt this one was Zazoo U. All I remember seeing of it at the time was when an express train stopped and they got kicked off the express train, a snake was talking to a monster, and (before I turned the TV off) a couple of monsters were jumping up and down whining and yelling. I have no vague memory on that cartoon and I really doubt it was Zazoo U, as I apparently discovered Zazoo U online this year and also came to learn that this one didn't air on TV in the US again after 1991. So I really doubt Zazoo U may have come back on TV in 2006, and I don't remember what network channel I saw it on.