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Wasn't sure if this was appropriate for the article since the avenues aren't as obvious as the mentioned Gilmore Guys podcast, but back in November when I was initially looking into this I recognized actress Amy Hill in one of the pilot promos. Unsure of how large her role was or if she could have a lead, I contacted her through her website and asked if she had any information. Unfortunately, though she responded quickly, it was only to say that she didn't have any information outside of what I already had.

I also contacted iTunes and Hulu support to ask if they would ever reacquire the series but got form letters from them both stating they had no future plans. A person at Hulu through their live chat claimed that if enough people requested for the series to be re-added it would be strongly considered, but both of these honestly seem like dead ends.

One of the series' leads, Parker Posey, is active on Instagram and was contacted by a member of the LMW Discord but I don't believe anything ever came of it.