"Veggie Football" and "Rescue Sweetpea" are fully working in BlueMaxima's FlashPoint project

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So, someone by the name of BlueMaxima started project called FlashPoint awhile back. The idea of the project is to preserve as many flash games as possible in a way that makes them playable forever. This also applies to other webgame formats, such as Unity Web Player, Shockwave, Silverlight, 3D Groove, ActiveX, Java, and HTML5. The project has a substantial group of volunteers working towards this effort.

The games "Veggie Football" and "Rescue Sweetpea are in the project, fully working.

"Tilt-a-pea" also exists in FlashPoint. I have also helped them add "Fill-a-train", "Veggie Bounce", and "Veggie Drop", which are planned to be available to everyone in the next release.