Cook's Night Out (lost early BBC cooking show; 1937)

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The only known photo of Cook's Night Out.

Status: Lost

Cook's Night Out is an early five-part BBC television cooking show. Hosted by French chef Marcel Boulestin, it is claimed by BBC Archive to be the first-ever television cookery show.[1]


Five episodes were broadcast live every fortnight, from January 21st to March 18th, 1937. It involved Boulestin making various dishes, which could be combined together to make an "excellent five-course dinner".[2] Boulestin would first demonstrate how to make an omelette,[3] followed by a Filet de Sole Murat,[4] Escalope de Veau Choisy, preparation of salads,[5] and finally Crepes Flambees.[6] According to Eater, the show's target audience was upper-class individuals who could afford then-very expensive television sets, but of whom lacked at-home cooking staff for that particular evening.[7]


Like other early BBC television broadcasts, Cook's Night Out was broadcast live and was not recorded. Therefore, all five episodes are now permanently lost. A photo of Boulestin making the omelette is all that remains of the show.


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