Crash Nebula (lost production material of cancelled spin-off of" The Fairly OddParents" Nickelodeon animated series; 2004-2006)

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Crash Nebula.jpeg

Title card of the only episode made.

Status: Lost

The Fairly OddParents is a Nickelodeon animated series created by Butch Hartman that aired from 2001-2017.[1] The show centered around a boy named Timmy Turner, who, with the help of his fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, can wish for anything he wants. The show was massively successful, lasting 10 seasons, and becoming the 2nd longest-running Nicktoon behind SpongeBob SquarePants. On July 2nd, 2004, the season 4 episode "Crash Nebula" premiered witch was originally going to be a pilot episode for a spinoff focusing on Crash Nebula, a superhero who has made numerous appearances throughout the show. The pilot was such a hit, that around 2005-2006, Hartman & Paramount Pictures were considering making a movie to go along with the series but for unknown reasons, the series and movie were cancelled.[2] It’s been thought that the movie was cancelled due to having various similarities to the 2005 Disney film, Sky High, but this is unconfirmed.[3] The original pilot was later implemented into The Fairly OddParents, as the 10th episode of the 5th season, and the 70th episode of the series as a whole.

Given how Hartman left Nickelodeon in early 2018,[4][5] the series and movie have no chance of ever seeing the light of day, and aside from the pilot, nothing has materialized from the rest of the series or the movie.


Video from Butch talking about the cancelled series/movie.

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