Crazy Frog Collectables Faces (lost DS puzzle game; 2008)

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Crazy frog.png

The box art for the game found on the Cypron Studios website.

Status: Lost

Crazy Frog Collectables Faces is a game that was published by the now-defunct Mercury Games, publishers of several other Crazy Frog titles. Very little information about the game remains online. A short description is available on the website of the presumed developers, Cypron Studios. It describes the game as a “Funny puzzle game for Nintendo DS which supports Singlecard Multiplayer. The game is based on popular 'Crazy Frog' license and published by Mercury Games.[1]. Mercury Games also has an article on “The Full Wiki” which states that it was planned for a Q1 2008 release [2] However, two forum posts state that it was planned for a June 2008 release. [3] However, both of these posts state that the game would be published by Koch Media and not Mercury Games. They also mention that the game would cost €19.99 in Europe. Unfortunately, the Mercury Games website is no longer available and the only archive is from 2007, a year before Faces was even set to release.[4]

Judging by the fact that the game is listed under “finished games” on Cypron Studios’ website and that it was fully rated by PEGI (and not listed as “rating pending”), it is highly likely that the game was in fact released.

There is another game from Mercury entitled “Crazy Frog Collectables Art School”, implying that the “Collectables” subtitle was meant to be a series followed up by Faces.