Crazyghosts (partially found NSFW webcomics; 2006-2014)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its sexual subject matter and tone.


One of the remaining comics from Crazyghosts.

Status: Partially Found

Crazyghosts was a webcomic created by a man named Vincent Bailey around 2006 to 2007. The comic depicted the adventures of a cast of ghosts living together and getting into shenanigans, a majority of which take a sexual tone throughout the series. An example of some recurring characters are Death and Anola, where Death was a small black figure who tried to be serious in the situation and Anola was a large ghost with oversized thighs and breasts who was more laid back and fun. Exaggeration of the female body parts was common in the comics.

Around the year 2015, Vincent disappeared from the internet, taking all of the webcomics with him. His Deviantart account, His own websites and other places he uploaded them were all wiped. It is possible to use the Wayback Machine on these websites, but unfortunately, a lot of the photos on his websites have not been archive properly, and the Deviantart page would require a login to see the majority of the images that were posted.