One Hour Photo (partially lost rejected Trent Reznor score for thriller film; 2002)

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One Hour Photo movie.jpg

Poster for One Hour Photo.

Status: Partially Lost

One Hour Photo is a psychological thriller film directed by Mark Romanek, released in 2002. The film stars Robin Williams as a photo technician who becomes obsessed with a family who's photos he works on.

While the final film was scored by Music by Reinhold Heil and Johnny Klimek, Romanek had originally approached Nine Inch Nails frontman and future Oscar-winning composer Trent Reznor to make music for the film after Romanek directed two music videos for NIN. However, Romanek later told Reznor that the producers were pressuring him to replace Reznor, who had only previously done minimal scoring contributions to David Lynch's Lost Highway and the score to id Software's video game Quake, with a "real composer". As a result the score, which was in the demo stage at the time, was scrapped entirely.[1]

Still (2002) and the Fate of the Score

On January 22, 2002, Nine Inch Nails released the live concert CD/DVD And All That Could Have Been. For the deluxe edition of the CD, it came with a second CD titled Still, a collection of softer and more acoustic reinterpretations of older NIN songs and a few never-before heard instrumentals. In 2004 on NIN's official website, Reznor revealed in an answer to a fan that the instrumental tracks from Still are an evolution to certain themes from his rejected One Hour Photo score, as despite the rejection he still liked the music itself.[2]

Reznor's score however has yet to be heard in its original form, and no demos have been released. It is also not known just how much the themes had changed from when Reznor began work on the score and when Still was recorded, and if parts were dropped entirely without being reused.