Creation (partially found unfinished Willis O'Brian film; 1931)

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Surviving still from the film.

Status: Partially Found

Creation was an unfinished 1931 film produced by Willis O'Brian that would have been released by RKO Radio Pictures.[1] The story consisted of a cruise ship and its passengers, who encounter dinosaurs on an island and struggle to survive. While the cast of the film is known, one character's name (Ned Hallet) can be confirmed.[2]

Creation was in very early stages of production when it was cancelled due to expenses and internal disagreements, including Merian Cooper claiming the story was boring (although the stop-motion from the film inspired several elements of his movie King Kong). At the time of its cancellation, only 20 minutes of the film was made, four of which have survived. Eventually, in the DVD release of the 2005 King Kong film, some of the footage was put onto the DVD along with a dramatization of how the film might have been had it been completed.


King Kong featurette on the film.
38 seconds of surviving test footage.


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