Cup of Idiocy (partially lost Doug Walker home movie; late 1991-1994)

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The Cup of Idiocy.png

The title card for the home movie.

Status: Partially Lost

Cup of Idiocy was one of Doug Walker's (Nostalgia Critic) home movies, which was a compilation of shorts.


The film is made of random shorts and skits, which are named Battle of Stupidity, Pointless Moments, The Unfit Firing Squad, A Ribbon Show, Late Late So Late Its Early Show, Jonan, and The Last Man on Earth. Each of these shorts were filmed with Doug and his friends. There seems to be an early concept of Chester A. Bum, one of Doug's most famous characters (an overly excited homeless man who reviews recent movies).

Even though almost the whole movie was shown to the public, there are a lot of scenes that weren't, one of them where someone was punching up clay people.


The film was first shown in Nostalgia Critic's review of A Simple Wish.

Later, the film was fully reviewed on The Awesoming DVD where Doug fully reviewed his old home movie.

However, since Doug usually cuts scenes out of the movies he reviews, this may not be the full feature.

In his review of Tim Burton's 2010 Alice in Wonderland, Doug (as Nostalgia Critic) finds a flash drive which may contain Cup of Idiocy (and his room) which he replied "Oh, my God, I thought I had these destroyed after Wilsongate." (referring to the events of the A Simple Wish review).

Fans have been wondering if the actual full movie will be released to the public, which may never happen as Doug doesn't seem fully intent on releasing the film.



The review where they first show the movie.

The review of the movie.

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