Cupcakeland (partially found CGI-animated short based on Cupcake Surprise dolls; 2005-2007)

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The Cupcake Surprise girls all lined up together, captured from the original website.

Status: Partially Found


Cupcakeland was a CGI animated musical direct-to-DVD short film that was pre-packaged with various Cupcake Surprise dolls during early 2006, during their first series launch. It was created in order to promote the dolls as a brand new line from Radica Games, whom planned on reviving the old Tonka line from the 1990s for a brand new generation.[1][2] On October 3rd, 2006, Mattel acquired the company, and the toy line alongside the lost cartoon was liquidated.


The short animation features the adventures of a lonely young girl named Sandra as she struggles to fit in to her new town. As a result, she's transported to the world of Cupcakeland for the very first time, and is taught a valuable lesson about friendship by her new doll friends.


Advertisement featuring a few seconds of footage from the movie.

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