Cyborg Kuro-chan: Episode 66 (found episode of anime; early 2000s)

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Cyborg kuro-chan ep. 66 screenshot.jpg

A screenshot from the episode.

Status: Found

Date found: 2 Apr 2016

Found by: ta0107 na, and キッズボンボン for Children

Cyborg Kuro-chan was an anime that ran from October 2nd, 1999 to January 6th, 2001 in Japan. There was a total of 66 episodes created, though episode 66 (the final episode that was produced) was never seen outside of Japan. The plot of the episode revolves around Kuro taking Princess Mimi shopping, as well as getting into a fight with Matatabi, Nana being reduced in size, and a group of aliens making an appearance.

The episode aired a few times, and no DVDs have been released of Cyborg Kuro-chan, so the 66th episode had not been seen since, and was practically impossible to find until April 2nd, 2016 when the Japanese anime channel AT-X aired the episode. A day later, the episode was uploaded to Youtube.

On December 15, 2016, a Japanese kids-oriented YouTube channel called "キッズボンボン for Children" uploaded the entire series, including episode 66. The episodes were later set to private.

The "キッズボンボン for Children" episodes (as well as 66) was later mirrored to Internet Archive. Episode 66 can be seen below.


Episode 66 of Cyborg Kuro-chan

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