Cyborg Kuro-chan (unaired/cancelled episodes of anime series; 2001)

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Cyborg Kuro-chan
The main character, Kuro.
The main character, Kuro.
Status Lost

The anime adaptation of Cyborg Kuro-chan was sadly cut short in January 2001 after the show's producers (PIBI) became bankrupt and did not have enough money to finish the series. The anime was set to have a total of 78 episodes, 66 of which were aired on TV. It is believed that PIBI began production on episodes 67-71 before their demise. The titles of these episodes do exist which gives fans of the series some idea of what they were about.

Cancelled episodes

  • Episode 67 "謎の雪男現わる!" "nazo no yukiotoko arawaru!" "Mystery of the Abominable Snowman!"
  • Episode 68 "ライバルはコタロー?" "RAIBARU wa KOTAROU?" "Rival of Kotaro?"
    The cover of the script for episode 68 posted to Twitter by Makiko Ohmoto
  • Episode 69 "キンタローのリベンジ" "KINTAROU no RIBENJI" "Revenge of Kintaro"
  • Episode 70 コスプレ少女カグヤ KOSUPURE shoujo KAGUYA Cosplay Girl Kaguya!
  • Episode 71 "悪魔になった? 剛くん" "akuma ni natta? Go-kun" "Becoming a Devil? Go-kun"
The promo for episode 69
The promo for episode 70

It is rumored that a preview of episode 67 was played after episode 66 but only in the original broadcast from 6th January 2001, and only in some parts of Japan. As of now, nobody has a recording of the preview.

On 23rd January 2016 Japanese voice actress Makiko Ohmoto, who provided the voice for the character Matatabi in the show, posted an image to her Twitter page of a book containing the script of episode 68.

Episodes 67-70 were featured as promos in a Japanese TV magazine and on 25th December 2014 a Twitter user posted two images showing the magazines that promoted episodes 69 and 70. On these pages we can see the images of the characters Kintaro and Kaguya who were to debut in these unaired episodes, plus in the promo for episode 69 an image of the abominable snowman from episode 67 can be seen.

Since all the episodes of the anime (starting with episode 54) were animated with computers it is likely that everything including the audio and frames were stored on them. It has been over a decade since the anime ended meaning that most if not all the computers used to make it were destroyed or stopped working. It is possible that PIBI gave out some of the storyboards when they went bankrupt since they previously did this with some animation cels that were used to make the earlier episodes.



Anonymous user #1

20 months ago
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I'm glad to own one of the animation cels to this cartoon.


18 months ago
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I own one too. Mine was used in episode 48. I wonder if any storyboards or production sketches for these lost episodes exist. No frames exist I know that since these episodes were computer animated.


9 months ago
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Anime is notorious for small lead times to broadcast. Couple that with the fact that these episodes have presumably never surfaced in international adaptations or home video releases, and I think it's safe to say they were never completed.


7 months ago
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I've remember watching this show all the time on a local Peruvian TV network, back in 2001 or so. I was a kid back then, and it took a long while until I was finally able to remember and search up how it actually was. I actually have a small action figure I got for some birthday during that era.

Sadly most Latin American-dub Spanish episodes are also lost online, and because of its limited channels there aren't many recordings out there.


3 months ago
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It's very unlikely that this will ever happen. But if any of the these episodes still exist they could possibly finish the production, similar to what happened with season 2 of The Ren & Stimpy Show
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