Daft Punk (lost TV commercial; 2002)

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Daft Punk.JPG

The Duo (Right: Thomas Bangalter) (Left: Guillaume Emmanuel de Homem-Christo)

Status: Lost

Daft Punk needs little-to-no introduction. They are a French House band that formed in 1993 and spawned many hit singles such as "Around the World", "One More Time", "Technologic", and more recently "Get Lucky", featuring Pharrell Williams. Around their Discovery era, they were featured in some advertisements for Gap, Toonami, and others. One of their commercials, however, is lost.

The Lost Ad

In April of 2012, The Daft Club user Thomas Bangalter made a post on the thread asking how to rip the content of a VHS containing four TV Advertisements and an EPK in high quality. There was no sign of these ads ever being shown to the public, due to the little interest by fellow posters. Later in 2012, YouTube user fullmetalanbu posts a video of his VHS collection, which shows the VHS case and tape with the four ads on it. He also uploaded some of the ads off of the tape. One ad that was not pulled was the Winter Olympic spot featuring "Harder Better Faster Stronger".


The Victoria's Secret Ad
The Gap Ad