Dan Burry: Jump and Run (lost DOS arcade platformer; 1995)

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D 79545 1254126390 dan 001.png

Title screen

Status: Lost

Dan Burry (also known as DanBurry Jump & Run ) is a DOS arcade action platformer game developed by The Merging Minds in year 1995 and published by Boeder Software GmbH. The game distributes on the floppy disks ans was sold for 14.99 Deutsche marks.[1]


This game appears to be deeply lost. Other than on thelegacy.de, there is not a single website references this game. On the other hand, thelegacy.de provides a good amount of information about this game, with the photos of the game cover, floppy disk and even screenshots from the game included.


Gameplay Video

Gameplay video of Dan Burry: Jump and Run.

Game Covers

In-Game Screenshots