Dancing Ride (found The Wiggles music video; 2001)

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Album cover for "Here Comes A Song"

Status: Found

Date found: 17 Feb 2020

Found by: Gisèle Corinthios

Dancing Ride is the twenty-third song on the album Here Comes A Song that was released by popular Australian children's group The Wiggles on October 12, 1992[1]. The song has many different actions like a tree, an ant and a rocket ship. The song also appears on the group's 2000 album "Wiggle Time"[2] and the 1999 North American exclusive release "Let's Wiggle"[3]. The song was one of many songs from Here Comes A Song that was left out of many videos the group did and as of 2022, it has still never appeared in any Wiggles video. It was only in late 2000 that the song got a music video.

Behind The Scenes photo of the making of the video

The video for Dancing Ride was filmed in November 2000 at the end of the group's North American tour in Toronto, Canada and was aired sometime in early 2001 on the TVO program "The Nook" (later known as Gisèle's Big Backyard). The video depicts the group, The Nook's host and producer at the time Gisèle Corinthios and Dorothy The Dinosaur and Captain Feathersword being chased around Toronto by paper cut out people with yellow faces and the group and Corinthios dancing and singing to the song. The video ends with the yellow faces dancing along with the group.

Information on the video was revealed by Anthony Field on the group's website in 2001 as part of "Anthony's Tour Diary" that also shares a behind the scenes photo at the making of the video[4]. Any other information about the video was unknown as many episodes of The Nook are really hard to find because of the new name and the show ending in 2019 after 21 years[5][6]. As a result, the music video became lost with no clips resurfacing for nearly 20 years and the only thing from the video that was available was the photo in Anthony's Tour Diary. On February 17, 2020, the video was found after Corinthios uploaded a recording of the video onto Instagram.


The music video for "Dancing Ride".

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