Deep Blue Sea (lost original ending of sci-fi horror film; 1999)

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Original theatrical poster.

Status: Lost

Deep Blue Sea is an American 1999 sci-fi horror film directed by Renny Harlin. It starred Samuel L. Jackson, LL Cool J, Thomas Jane and Saffron Burrows.


The plot of this film follows a group of scientists working to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease through research on mako sharks. Three genetically engineered sharks attempt to wreck and flood the facility to escape.

Original Ending

One month before the film's release, the ending originally had Susan (Saffron Burrows) not only escape the shark but deliver the killing blow to it. When audiences saw the ending, they hated it because they viewed Susan as the bad guy as she was behind the whole experiment. There were even test cards that said, "Kill The Bitch". Later, they re-shot the ending to have Susan killed by the shark, while Preacher (LL Cool J) became the one to deliver the killing blow.[1]

The original ending has never been released on home media, and nothing has indicated that it will ever be. The only thing to leak from the ending is a picture in which Thomas Jane and Saffron Burrows's characters share a kiss on screen.


Deleted shot from original ending.

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