Denis Norden's Laughter File (partially found episodes of British TV program; 1991-2006)

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Status: Partially Found

Denis Norden's Laughter File is a British television clip show broadcast as a series of one-off episodes between 1991 and 2006, hosted by the now retired veteran comedy writer and broadcaster Denis Norden.

The programme aired on ITV in the United Kingdom and featured out-takes, pranks, adverts, practical jokes and other behind the scenes are rare footage from television shows around the world. It was broadcast on prime time terrestrial television with millions of viewers.

Thirteen episodes were broadcast. The first of September 1991 is available online in full, but the remaining twelve episodes are not online, with only small clips from some of the others (mainly Laughter File 2) available.

The Laughter File episodes are valuable not only because they are lost comedy content in themselves, but perhaps more importantly because of the rarity of the clips enclosed. Many of these are rare and may have only been broadcast as part of the show in the first place. This includes rare advertisements and behind the scenes footage.

Like much lost media from the post-wiping era, it is highly unlikely that these episodes are literally lost. However, due to the nature of the shows - which feature individual clips from many production companies and broadcasters - it is highly unlikely that they will ever be given a home video release. The episodes used to be re-aired fairly regularly on ITV, but changing tastes and the age of the broadcasts means this is now also not likely to happen again.



Denis Norden's Laughter File 1 (1991).