Depeche Mode (partially lost early live only songs of British pop band; 1980-1982)

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The setlist for a show from September 20th, 1980, showing many of the songs. As seen in Martin Gore's scrapbook in the "Making of the Universe" short film.

Status: Partially Lost

Depeche Mode is an English electronic band currently consisting of Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, and Andy Fletcher.

The band started out as Composition of Sound in 1979, then consisting of Vince Clarke, Martin Gore, and Andy Fletcher, with Gahan, recruited as the lead singer soon after.

During their early years, the band performed a number of songs live, which were never recorded in the studio for an official release or performed again after 1982. Some of these songs exist in the form of audience recordings in varying quality, while others are lost to time.

Song List

Song Title Status Notes
Addiction Found Sometimes referred to as "Closer", "Closer All The Time", or "Ghost Of Modern Time". Two performances have been confirmed, with a recording available from a show that took place on November 14th, 1980, at the Technical College, Southend-On-Sea, in Essex.
Radio News Found This song also appeared on the Summer 1980 Demo Tape. The only confirmed performance was on September 20th, at Crocs in Rayleigh, Essex.
Reason Man Found Two confirmed performances of this song have been confirmed so far, both during the 1980 Tour. The recording of this song is from October 30th, 1980, at the Bridge House in London, making it the earliest genuine recording of Depeche Mode available.
Tomorrow's Dance Found As with Reason Man, only two live performances can be confirmed, with a recording from the same October 30th show being available.
The Price of Love Found A cover of a song of the same name by The Everly Brothers. Played at least twice during the 1980 Tour and occasionally during the 1981 Tour. A total of 13 recordings of the performance are available, the highest quality one being sourced from a soundboard recording from a June 26th, 1981 show at Crocs in Rayleigh, Essex.
Television Set Found Written by a friend of Vince Clarke, Jason Knott. Performed live multiple times between 1980 and 1982. Notably, it also appeared on the "Depeche_Mode";_1980) Composition of Sound Demo Tape, with Vince Clarke on vocals. The best quality full live recording available is a first-generation FM broadcast recording of a show from September 9th, 1981, in Les Bains Douches, Paris, France.
I Like it Found Cover of a song of the same name by Gerry and the Pacemakers. Frequently played as the final song on the 1982 See You Tour. The Depeche Mode version featured slightly different lyrics. The best recording available comes from an FM broadcast recording of a February 21st, 1982 show at Tiffany's in Glasgow, Scotland.
Summer 1981 Intro Found A short instrumental concert introduction. Confirmed to have been played at shows between July 23rd, 1981, and August 2nd, 1981, before being replaced by "Any Second Now" by September 26th. It resembles a slowed-down version of "Shout," a B-Side from the "Just Can't Get Enough" single.
And Then I Kissed Her Lost A cover of "Then He Kissed Me" by the Crystals, based on the Beach Boys' gender-flipped rendition. The only confirmed performance was at the September 20th show at Crocs.
Mamma Mia Found An instrumental cover of the ABBA song. Reportedly played over the backing tape of "Photographic," with the "vocals" being played by a synth. Its existence was confirmed in Bong Magazine, Issue 24. Around 2015 a CD with a live audience recording at the Bridge House was put into auction, containing this song later. A 35 seconds snippet was leaked on the Depeche Mode DM Descargas forum[1]. Around 2017 The DM Live Wiki obtained a copy of the live recording. However, it wasn't leaked since the exact date of the recording hasn't been found. On October 3rd, 2022 a digitized copy was purchased and posted on YouTube by the user ETC834.
Mirror Is Standing Lost No confirmed performances are known. According to Bong Magazine, Issue 24, no members of the band remember the song.
Mouldy Old Dough Lost Cover of a song of the same name by Lieutenant Pidgeon. Again, no confirmed performances are known, but a mention in Bong Magazine, Issue 24, confirms it's existence.
Secrets Lost Another song is only known from its mention in Bong Magazine, Issue 24. Supposedly went on to become "Unmarked" by Yazoo.
Sunday Morning Lost According to Bong Magazine, Issue 24, this song was performed two or three times while the band was still known as Composition of Sound. Described as having a vocal style similar to a "hymn-like chant."

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