DiResta (partially found UPN sitcom; 1998-1999)

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Title card for DiResta.

Status: Partially Found

DiResta was a short-lived sitcom that aired on UPN from October of 1998 to March of 1999 for one single season, starring stand-up comedian Johnny DiResta. This was DiResta's first-ever television role. DiResta starred as a transit cop, who puts up with his wife Kate, his rambunctious daughter Anna and his gender-confused son Dakota.

As with many of the sitcoms on the ill-fated UPN channel, DiResta proved to be a failure ratings-wise, even infamously being one of the lowest-rated sitcoms of 1998 (ahead of only PAX's lineup.) In spite of otherwise lukewarm reviews, DiResta managed to air in its entirety.

Thanks to low viewership, chances of home recordings of the show popping up online have proved slim to none. The first episode had been uploaded to YouTube by Panama Mike on May 2nd of 2020, though he claims it was the only episode he had access to. Clues as to what most of the other episodes entailed were found in a video containing split-screen credits for fellow UPN series Dilbert (it preceded DiResta on initial broadcasts) which showed clips from the episodes. One even had the first few seconds of another episode.


Episode Number Episode Name Status
1 Pilot Found
2 John Kisses Some Asses Lost
3 Public Enema #1 Lost
4 Walk on the Feminine Side Lost
5 Heavy Metal Lost
6 Romeo and Juliet Were Lucky Lost
7 Cookin' With Gas Lost
8 Thanksgiving Lost
9 The Kid Lost
10 Your Daddy Don't Dance Lost
11 One Wedding and a Funeral Lost
12 The Touch Lost
13 Viagra Falls Lost
14 Half a Million Clams Lost
15 Slam Dunkin' Donuts Lost


The show's pilot.

Collection of Dilbert end credits which contained scenes detailing DiResta episodes that followed.

Standalone promo for DiResta.

Another promo for the show following Dilbert.