Dick & Dom inda Bungalow (partially lost children's TV series; 2002-2006)

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Dick & Dom inda Bungalow
The shows title card
The shows title card
Status Partially Lost

Dick & Dom inda Bungalow was a UK television program made by the BBC for young viewers between 2002 to 2006. Presented by Dick & Dom (Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood) the show was live and unscripted mayhem, as Dick & Dom let 6 kids (later 5 kids and a Celebrity) into their house for messy games. The show won two children's BAFTA awards.


The first two series aired on the CBBC channel in fall 2002 and spring 2003 respectively. Only one clip between these two series has surfaced (the credits of the first episode). In Fall 2003, the main Saturday show premiered on BBC One (as well as the CBBC Channel), meaning it reached a much wider audience. Indeed the show became very popular at this point, because merchandise became available, including a best of DVD set. However only the clips from that set have appeared online, along with the full first episode on BBC One. The Sunday show remained exclusive to the CBBC Channel throughout it's run. In Fall 2004, it returned again on BBC One, some small clips have appeared online from this series, along with a partial recording of the last episode of the series (aired March 12 2005). In Fall 2005, it returned again to BBC One, though this series was interrupted multiple times and forced to go to BBC Two due to news events. Eventually in January 2006, it permanently moved over to BBC Two until the show was ended (not forced off the air as some sources say)[1] in March 2006. A few full episodes of this series have made it online.

The full episodes are unlikely to be repeated again, due to their live nature, usage of premium rate phone numbers and use of copyrighted content (mainly cartoons which the BBC had the rights to air at the time, but no longer do). One episode features multiple references to the pedophile Jimmy Savile, whose crimes were not publicly known at that point. The cartoons themselves should also be considered lost, as they were edited to become an audience game (characters holding up words, if you called in you could win a prize).

At the end of Series 4 (March 2005), 9 special episodes entitled "Comic Relief inda Bungalow" was broadcast throughout the week leading up to the last episode. Both fans and the shows director Simon Hepworth, consider this part of the main series and not a spin-off. Only 3 of these have appeared online.

  • NOTE: Full in this instance means the content of the show itself except the edited cartoon segments which have been removed by the uploader due to concerns about copyright.


  1. BBC article about the show ending



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