Dilbert (lost unaired live-action pilot; 1997)

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Status: Lost

Dilbert was a 1997 live-action pilot directed and written by Scott Adams, based on the newspaper comic strip. The pilot was never aired but appeared in many newspaper articles, and in the Advertising Age's 1997 TV Season, a yearly report of all television shows in development for various networks.

During a presser for the UPN animated "Dilbert" series, Dilbert creator Scott Adams only furthered confirmation of this lost pilot by referring to it numerous times. Adams did not specify who was cast in the pilot, but confirms that Dilbert was played by an actor, whom Adams quotes, is "fit for a starring role in a romantic film." Adams, in another interview, talks about "Dogbert", stating that it was an "animatronic version that apparently looked like it was done on the cheap."

To date, neither scripts nor images of the pilot have surfaced, and it's likely that nothing more will ever be known about this lost pilot.