Dinosaur Planet (cancelled Nintendo 64 3D platformer; 1999-2000)

Dinosaur Planet (N64)
Original artwork and logo of the game.
Original artwork and logo of the game.
Status Lost

Dinosaur Planet was planned to be Rare Software's last game for the Nintendo 64.

It was available in a mostly playable form in E3 1999 or 2000 (the exact date is unknown), which showed off huge levels and varied combat options.


From what was shown of the game, it was an action-based 3D platformer that took a more realistic route with its graphics, set in a world that appeared to be mostly inhabited by dinosaurs.

Gameplay focused on two separate characters: Saber and Crystal. Both were fully playable, appeared to have sidekicks or helpers, and specialized attacks.


In 2002, after the GameCube was released and the game had to be ported over to the new console, it was changed to Star Fox Adventures, and suffered heavy changes in content.

Saber was changed to Fox McCloud, Crystal was heavily demoted (and infamously changed into a "damsel in distress" role), entire scenes were removed, and the final boss fight was also cut, but information within the games files reveal some of what was planned.

The game was infamously not well-received; criticisms including using stock sound effects and an awkward, made-up language for some of the dialogue.

From what is known of the Nintendo 64 version, it had high quality graphics for the time, no made-up languages, and some fairly decent sound effects (it's possible many heard are placeholders).

No known prototype of Dinosaur Planet has ever shown up, and it's likely that the original version is completely lost by this stage.


One hour of gameplay.

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Anonymous user #1

17 months ago
Score 1
sad this game looks great

Anonymous user #2

15 months ago
Score -1

"Known to be in low quality"

Where did you get this bit of information? The game is widely considered one of the prettiest GameCube games that has aged quite well. Also, I think its most playable form was in 2000 since there's a video showing it off and you can see the copyrighted year on the title screen. It seems more finished than the footage shown in the 1 hour long video.


11 months ago
Score -1
Changed that.

Anonymous user #3

9 months ago
Score 1
I really wish I could play this game as Dinosaur Planet instead of Star Fox Adventures... Maybe someone has a tech demo or prototype somewhere...? Probably not, but I hope it resurfaces one day, I really want to play it!


8 months ago
Score 1
I blame Nintendo for the cancellation of this game

Anonymous user #4

6 months ago
Score -1
I actually liked Starfox Adventures

Anonymous user #5

3 months ago
Score 1
I wish this game wasn't cancelled or lost, it looks like it would've been enjoyable.

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