Do You Trust Me? (partially found CBS game show; 2007)

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Do You Trust Me.jpg

Logo of unreleased gameshow.

Status: Partially Found

Do You Trust Me? is an unreleased gameshow commissioned by CBS and hosted by Fox News political commentator Tucker Carlson.


Two contestants play as a team in order to win $1 million dollars while testing each other's trusting ability. They work together to build a bank of cash and the gameplay was to be influenced by how much or how little trust both contestants have for each other.[1] [2] [3]


It was first commissioned in 2007 with Jeff Margolis set to direct, and Ray Giuliani and David Floyd attached as executive producers. According to Variety, filming took place in late April of that year with Carlson saying six episodes were filmed.[4][2]


No episodes were released and the show was ultimately scrapped. The only footage available is a demo reel uploaded to YouTube in September 19, 2017.

Demo Reel for Do You Trust Me? accompanied by narration.