Doctor Who (lost pilot episodes of British sci-fi TV series; 1991)

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David Burton.

Status: Lost

On August 27th, 2013, the official Doctor Who YouTube channel uploaded a video called "The Other Eighth Doctor? - Doctor Who". The video goes into detail about an actor named David Burton who was asked to play the Doctor for two pilot episodes that would be later shown to the BBC.

This incarnation of the series would be about the Doctor and two assistants named Heart and Diamond who were twins. David Burton says in the interview that the feeling was that not a lot of people would remember the iconic police call box. So they decided to change the exterior of the Tardis to a red public phone box with blacked out windows.

David Burton also states there were at least two full episodes created before the whole idea was scrapped. He thinks that all remains of the pilot episodes were destroyed after it was axed.



Interview with David Burton.