Donkey Kong Plus (lost build of cancelled Game Boy Advance puzzle platformer; 2002)

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E3 2002 footage of Donkey Kong Plus.

Status: Lost

Mario vs. Donkey Kong is a 2005 puzzle platformer for the Game Boy Advance being a sequel to the 1994 Donkey Kong puzzle platformer for the original Game Boy.

It had an early version of the game under the name Donkey Kong Plus in 2002 that takes advantage of the GameCube and Game Boy link functionality.[1]


Donkey Kong Plus was publicly shown at E3 2002 as a tech demo.[2] Where it would utilize the Game Boy GameCube link cable feature for users to create levels on the GameCube and then send them to their Game Boy Advance to play them.

Several years later the game would be refitted as Mario vs. Donkey Kong while retaining the gameplay, and concepts, from its early prototype, it would lack the level editor. However, it's hidden and in order to access it you would have to edit the byte in the game's code.

Its Nintendo DS sequel Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis for the Nintendo DS, would later include a level editor feature.[3]


The only thing resurfacing from the tech demo are screenshots and videos but are in lower quality.




E3 2002 gameplay footage of Donkey Kong Plus.

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