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Doogal (Original Hartman Version)
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Doogal is a 2006 animated film produced by the Weinstein Company that was edited and re-dubbed from the 2005 French-British animated film known as The Magic Roundabout based on the stop-motion series of the same name.

The film was conceived when Harvey Weinstein acquired the rights to The Magic Roundabout. He approached The Fairly Oddparents and Danny Phantom creator Butch Hartman to re-work the film. Hartman's initial idea to re-work The Magic Roundabout was to add in a live-action frame story that would've involved an elderly man reading the story of the film to his grandchild, similar to that of The Princess Bride; this idea never went through however due to budgeting issues.

Butch was having to re-write the whole film script line per line with some changes to the dialogue to make it more appealing to American audiences. His original script was also meant to stay in sync with the animation, unlike the final version. Much of his script was even recorded by the actors who star in the film, with most them being directed by Hartman himself.

When the film was released, much of Hartman's original material was re-written and re-recorded without his consent. At least 3% of his material ever made it into the final version. The final film has an overabundance of pop culture references and flatulence jokes, neither of which were presumably present in Hartman's script. The film was received very poorly by critics and has been regarded as one of the worst animated films ever made.

As of 2017, little to no material from Butch's original version has ever been released. A few possible examples of Hartman's version can be seen in The Making of Doogal on the DVD.


A Speech Bubble podcast with Butch Hartman discussing the film.



Anonymous user #1

4 days ago
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If this version was released, the film would have been substantially better


1 days 13 hours 38 minutes ago
Score 0++
Even better, if they just straight up released the UK version.

Anonymous user #2

1 days 23 hours 49 minutes ago
Score 2++
Typical Weinsteins


1 days 13 hours 1 minutes ago
Score 0++

I just wish that this version gets found, an HD version of the final US version gets released, and someone makes a Hong Kong Rescue-style custom Blu-ray of The Magic Roundabout with both the US, US workprint and UK versions in HD, as many bonus features as possible. And the UK version includes both the original English version and the French dub (since it's a UK-France co-production, and even the Hong Kong Rescue Blu-rays included both the original Cantonese version of the films they release as well as the Mandarin and English dubs, the films are made in Hong Kong in Cantonese, then dubbed to Mandarin for Taiwan and Mainland China).

Hong Kong Rescue is this group who basically makes high-quality custom Blu-rays of classic Hong Kong martial arts films, most notably Jackie Chan's classics like Police Story III and Drunken Master II.

And it's appropriate, since both Police Story III and Drunken Master II were changed by Harvey Weinstein for international audiences, and retitled Supercop and The Legend of Drunken Master, respectively.

Might as well also make a Hong Kong Rescue-style disc of Ballerina (aka. Leap!) which has both the original French version, the UK/Canada English dub by Entertainment One, and the US English dub by The Weinstein Company, and in 3D, since the Blu-ray 3D version was only released in Spain, Germany, and Hong Kong. Along with proper English fansubs for the original French version, since the only subtitles for them right now are dubtitles based on the Entertainment One dub..

Also, a Hong Kong Rescue-style Blu-ray of Metegol (aka. Underdogs in the US, or Foosball: The Unbeatables in the UK and the Philippines), the US English dub was by The Weinstein Company, and the UK/Philippines dub was by Entertainment One, how about a version in HD and 3D, with the Spanish version with English subtitles, and both The Weinstein Company and Entertainment One dubs?

Also, dubbing a movie again even if an English version already exists is stupid, Doogal was already in English, do Americans really have problems understanding British accents? Because I don't. Leap! already had an English dub in Canada and the UK by Entertainment One, but it doesn't really tick me off, since it's one of the better Weinstein English dubs since it was just a slightly edited version of the Entertainment One dub with some voice changes but nothing was cut.

The Legend of Drunken Master already had an English dub by Golden Harvest, which was uncut just like the Cantonese version, and also had the Cantonese music. But at least the Weinstein English dub of that one actually had Jackie Chan voice himself, and the acting was generally better than the Golden Harvest version, even if there were cuts, and it's still a live-action Hong Kong martial arts film so the voice acting is still pretty cheesy. I'm not sure where to find the Golden Harvest dub but apparently, there was a VCD in the Philippines by Warner Bros. which had the Golden Harvest dub, but it's very rare.

I think Princess Mononoke doesn't need such a treatment, since the English dub of that movie was really great, and the official Blu-ray also includes the Japanese version with subtitles. And the Blu-ray by GKIDS/Shout! Factory is really great.

Something tells me that Harvey Weinstein is not also lewd around girls, but he also hates animation and Asian films.


1 days 12 hours 59 minutes ago
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  • not only
Not "not also".
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