Doom 4 (cancelled sequel based on "Doom" series; 2007-2014)

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Status: Lost

Doom 4 was a planned installment in the long-running Doom franchise. The game was planned to be ported to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows. Doom 4 was going to be developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks. No one really knows where Doom 4 would have fallen in the Doom timeline as id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead stated in an interview with GameSpot in 2009 that "It's not a sequel to Doom 3, but it's not a reboot either".[1] The developers of Doom 4 would ultimately end up scrapping the original concept and remaking the game into Doom (2016).


At QuakeCon 2007, an indication by id Software co-founder John Carmack confirmed that a new a Doom game was in the works, but no other details were revealed.[2] On May 7, 2008, Doom 4 was officially confirmed to be in development, but no release date was given.[3] Development for Doom 4 began not long after the official confirmation. Doom 4 was surprisingly absent from QuakeCon 2009. Convention attendees were disappointed about the lack of news. At the end of QuakeCon 2009, Todd Hollenshead stated more about Doom 4 would be revealed at QuakeCon 2010, further stating "When we show it to you, you're gonna love it,".[4] During this time, id Software was also working on the game RAGE. The game released in 2010 but was met with mixed reviews and a disappointing launch. By 2011 an article by Kotaku questioned the future of Doom 4 due to the failure of RAGE.[5] On March 2, 2012, screenshots and gameplay for Doom 4 were leaked. When questioned about the leaked content, id Software neither confirmed nor denied that the screenshots were legitimate.[6] The leaked screenshots contained the Doom 4's plot and gameplay. Seeing the similarities to games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, many jokingly called Doom 4 "Call of Doom". By 2013, development on Doom 4 shifted to a new engine. Also by this time, all of Doom 4 was scrapped for a reboot of the series. A teaser trailer for the reboot was shown at E3 2014.

Plot and Gameplay

Not much in terms of plot was revealed about Doom 4. The leaked footage suggests that the game would have been about an invasion of Hell on Earth and you would be apart of a resistance group whose goal was to take down the demons. Doom 4 was going to be a first-person shooter. A lot of speculation claims that the game was going to have a script based story mode like the Call of Duty story mode.


All Doom 4 gameplay footage
Doom 4 cut scenes.