Doraemon '79 - SuperStation WTBS version (unaired English dub of anime series; 1985)

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A promo for the show.

Status: Lost

Doraemon is a Japanese anime series that aired from April 2, 1979 to March 18, 2005, created by Fujiko F. Fujio and based on his popular manga series of the same name. Prior to 2014, There were several attempts to bring Doraemon to North American audiences that failed. One of them is the 1985 dub.

In 1985, Ted Turner acquired the US rights to the 1979 anime and planned to air the first 50 episodes on SuperStation WTBS (now TBS). The English version was cancelled for unknown reasons before any episodes could air and the license was quickly dropped.

Many people believed the cancellation was due to the levels of censorship that would have to be applied to make it acceptable by FCC standards. However, it is also rumored that the TV producers disliked Nobita's dependance on Doraemon.[1]

No footage or even other information of the unaired 1985 English dub have surfaced.



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