Drew Carey's Green Screen Show (lost unaired episode of improvised comedy show; mid-2000s)

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The show's logo.

Status: Lost

Drew Carey's Green Screen Show was an improvised comedy show that first aired on The WB in fall 2004, then on Comedy Central in the fall of 2005. It was hosted by Drew Carey after the cancellation of his previous show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" on ABC. The show is quite similar to Whose Line with the distinguishing feature of the show was that the improv games were performed in front of a "green screen" (similar to "Newsflash" game from Whose Line?), with animation, music and sound effects inserted in post-production. Thirteen episodes were filmed and twelve aired between October 2004 and November 2005, leaving one episode unaired.


  • Sentences: Players pulled slips of paper with sentences written on them from a toy bucket and took them out to use them in the scene being acted out.
  • Fill in the Blank: Drew gave the audience a scene title with blanks in it for them to fill in. Players then acted out the scene.
  • Story: Players took turns telling parts of an audience-suggested story as another pointed to them.
  • One-Syllable Words: Players acted out a scene and had to use only words with one syllable. Multiple-syllable words got players buzzed out by the audience and replaced by another.
  • New Choice: Players acted out a scene and when another said "New choice", they had to change what they said or did. Similar to Quick Change on Whose Line is it Anyway?.
  • Sound Effects: Two audience members provided sound effects for a scene acted out by two players.
  • Freeze Tag: Players acted out a scene in audience-suggested non-sexual positions. Another player would say "Freeze", tag one out and assume the position of that player.
  • Game Show: Players acted out a game show with a title suggested by the audience.
  • Hollywood Moment: Players acted out a scene and when another said "Hollywood Moment" off-camera, the on-camera players acted out a big-time Hollywood movie-type moment.
  • Montage: Players acted out a series of scenes connected by a theme.
  • Moving People: Two audience members in all-green clothing (provided to them prior to the show) moved two players as they performed a scene.
  • Styles: audience members suggested scene styles and when Drew called one out, the players continued their scene in that style. Similar to the Whose Line is it Anyway? game Film and Theatre Styles/Film, Theatre and Television Styles.


The episode featured Ryan Stiles (who previously appeared with Carey on Whose Line) and actress Kaitlin Olson (from the then new It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia). The games played in the episode were reportedly Freeze Tag, Hollywood Moments, Scene, Story.


Information of the episode was unearthed in 2009 by the website amiannoying.com[1] Ryan revealed in a interview back in 2010 that he didn't want to do the show because "it ruined everything about improv". Although the twelve aired episodes found their way online, no screenshots or clips from this episode exist online and it's unlikely that it would see the light of day.


A interview with Ryan on why he didn't want to do it. (4:30)