Dude, What Would Happen (partially found Cartoon Network live-action show; 2009-2011)

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The show's logo, as well as stars (Left to Right: Ali, Jackson, and C.J.).

Status: Partially Found

Dude, What Would Happen is a live-action show that aired as part of the CN Real block on Cartoon Network. It aired between 2009 and 2011. The show did decently well among an audience of young and pre-teen boys [1], however, no episodes were ever available on DVD (unlike shows such as Adventure Time, which got a full DVD release) or a digital release. Episodes 1-6 of Season 1 and Season 3 in full are available on the Microsoft Store, the rest of Season 1 and Seasons 2 are unavailable elsewhere.


The show was created, written by, produced by, composed by, and directed by Charles Dalaklis. He also did lots of behind-the-scenes tech work, such as camera setup and cinematography. The show was also distributed by Dalaklis Media Enterprises. It starred Ali Sepasyar, C.J. Manigo, and Jackson Rogow. The concept of the show revolved around the three teens coming up with a hypothesis or idea and bringing in professionals to help "safely" put it to the test. The show was not received well at all by critics and parents. Critics did not like the poor jokes, writing, and overall structure of the show, as well as the fact that it was a live-action show on Cartoon Network. Parents thought the show promoted incredibly dangerous ideas to children and encouraged them to do such dangerous experiments at home [2]. The show's intended audience, kids and pre-teens, mostly found the show highly enjoyable [3]. It was ordered three seasons total but was not renewed further after that [4]. It was one of two shows on CN Real (the other being Destroy Build Destroy) that were actually renewed for more than a handful of episodes.


it is unknown if the show was available for digital purchase at any point. iTunes claims that it is available for purchase, however, it is not available in the U.S., and it is unknown if it's available for purchase in other countries [5]. It was later discovered that Episodes 1 through 6 of season one, as well as Season 3 in full were available through the Microsoft Store, however season 3 is listed as season 4 even though that doesn't exist.


Note: Some episodes have the same name. It is unknown why that is, but it is likely they were re-aired with other episodes.

Season 1

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Underwater Roll/Defying Gravity/Pirates vs. Vikings August 19, 2009 Found
2 Remote-Controlled Objects/Fire vs. Ice/Pizza Delivery Improvements Setember 9, 2009 Found
3 Zits/Water Walk/Like vs. Like September 16, 2009 Found
4 Dodgeball/Loudest Fart/Cartoons September 23, 2009 Found
5 New Brakes/Water Sports Without Water/Superheros September 30, 2009 Found
6 Wind Power/Popcorn/Superpowers October 7, 2009 Found
7 Revenge of the Pigs October 14, 2009 Lost
8 Pimp My Hide/Car vs. Boat/Animal Snacks October 21, 2009 Lost
9 Speeding Up School/Piñatas/Vampires October 28, 2009 Lost
10 Party Games/Superhero Rescues/Basketball March 24, 2010 Lost
11 Airplane Challenge/Ninja Slicing/Backyard Battle March 31, 2010 Lost
12 Lunchroom/Celebrations/Monster Movies April 8, 2010 Lost
13 Human Arcade Games/School/Nature April 15, 2010 Lost
14 Balls/3D Classes/Cartoon Rivalries April 22, 2010 Lost
15 Fly Ourselves/Velcro/Camp Anywhere April 29, 2010 Lost
16 Texting/Word Combos/Prom May 6, 2010 Lost
17 Toilets/Dunks/Bungee May 13, 2010 Lost
18 Mobile Sports/Jobs/Mail May 20, 2010 Lost

Season 2

# Episode Title Air Date Status
19 Marble Surfing/Ultimate Entrance/Skewering October 6, 2010 Lost
20 Crash Test Dummies/Space Dance Battle/Extreme Tetherball October 13, 2010 Lost
21 Bull in a China Shop/Rock and a Hard Place/Samurai Knight Battle October 20, 2010 Lost
22 Car Wash Laundry/Sumo Tug of War/Werewolf Vampire Battle October 27, 2010 Lost
23 Sky Dunk/Drift Car/Party Plane November 3, 2010 Lost
24 Summer Winter Olympics/Aqua Power Rescue/Ice Cream Cannonball November 10, 2010 Lost
25 Paintball Artists/Safe Explosion/Trailer Destruction November 17, 2010 Lost
26 Night Sports/Mall Battle/Reverse Race December 1, 2010 Lost

Season 3

# Episode Title Air Date Status
27 Camp Anywhere/Bounce the Un-bouncable/Pierce with an Arrow June 15, 2011 Found
28 Sticky Power Bubble Gum/Test of Force/Battled Velcro June 22, 2011 Found
29 Hardcore Games/Feathers/Hard Candy June 29, 2011 Found
30 Sticky Bubble Gum/Spitballs to the Next Level/Famous Sayings July 20, 2011 Found
31 Squish the Unsquishable/Cartoon Stunts/Shrink Ourselves July 27, 2011 Found
32 Animal Snacks/Pop a Giant Zit/Rodeo a Slug and a Pig August 3, 2011 Found
33 Bounce a Bike/Ram-Off/Best of Dude August 10, 2011 Found
34 Catapult to Sun Tan Lotion/Water Power/Werewolves vs. Vampires August 17, 2011 Found
35 Ultimate Splash/Strength of Paper/Airbags August 24, 2011 Found
36 Best of Dude/Open a Door With a Catapult/Rodeo a Dragon August 31, 2011 Found
37 Scarecrow and Snowman War/Dunking Tournament/Ninja Styles September 21, 2011 Found



A promo for a crossover episode with Andrew W.K.
A promo for an episode.
A anti-bullying PSA from 2011.
A promo advertising the show and Destroy Build Destroy.
A launch spot advertising the show and Bobbe Says.
Another promo advertising the show and Destroy Build Destroy.

Episodes and Clips

A low quality recording of one of the experiments.
The advisory that aired before each episode.
A very low quality recording of "Zits/Water Walk/Like vs. Like" in its entirety. Episode begins at 48:54.

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