Duelin' Firemen! (cancelled 3DO FMV game; 1995)

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Promotional art.

Status: Lost

Duelin' Firemen! was an FMV game created by RUNANDGUN! Studios between 1994 and 1995. Although the developers never announced the cancellation of the project, it missed it's July 1995 release date[1] and subsequently all news on the project dried up.

The game's plot details are unknown, except for a generic story about a second "Great Chicago Fire." The gameplay was never shown. In 2001, the lead director and writer of the game, Grady Sain, released a 7-minute compilation of many of the filmed interludes of the game in the format of a long trailer, dubbed the "Sundance Trailer."[2]

The game had a huge cast, including cameos by Timothy Leary, Rudy Ray Moore, Mark Mothersbaugh, and even Tony Hawk!


Sundance trailer for the game.
Production Footage.

Promotional Record

In 1994, E-Z Prey Records published a 7-inch record titled: "Duelin' Firemen! - Boredoms" to promote the game. The text on the sleeve promised that the full Duelin' Firemen! the soundtrack would be out on CD in the summer of 1994, and the full game would be out in the fall. Neither of these happened. The A-Side was a track called "Epic Epileptic Apocalypse" and the B-Side was a track called "B for B.O.R.E.D.O.M.S." by the Japanese noise-rock band Boredoms, which originally appeared on their 1994 album "Chocolate Synthesizer."[3]

It should be noted that E-Z Prey Records was not a real record label, and only published this record. The label appeared in the game as an in-universe company.[4]

Full audio.


Behind the scenes photos retrieved from the website of Chris Carter.[5]


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