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Status: Lost

Durastar was a brand of appliances popular during the 1990s and marketed in parts of Southeast Asia such as the Philippines and Vietnam. Along with Klestar and Starex (now defunct), Durastar was sold in the Philippines by 680 Home Appliances.[1] From the 1990s to the early 2000s, a set of commercials were aired promoting each appliance.

The Commercials

Recreation of the layout of the early 2000s endtag.

Appliances of Durastar including Airpot, Flat Iron, Rice Cooker, Gas Stove, Washing Machine, and Chest Freezer were advertised in a set of commercials along with 2 omnibus ads that advertise various appliances. In some commercials, the end logo of 680 was shown. In the early 2000s (supposedly 2004), commercials with the “Pinag-isipan ito!” jingle and an image of Albert Einstein in the end tag were made.[2] The jingle was said to be like this:

DuraStar, yes! DuraStar, click!

Tibay tipid, husay, ganda talaga!
DuraStar, yes! DuraStar, click!

Voiceover: DuraStar, pinag-isipan ito! DURASTAR!!! (first eyewitness)[3]

"Kung hanap mo'y appliances.

Yung yes na yes, yung best na best,
Durastar yes, Durastar best
Hanep galing, husay ganda talaga

Durastar yes, Durastar best, Durastar" (second eyewitness).[1]

Peter Musngi was said to be the voiceover of some of the commercials. The humming voice from the 680 Home Appliances commercial was also said to be aired in one of the commercials.

Known Commercials


Title Description Status
"Chest Freezer" The first version of the Chest Freezer. A couple is seen competing for the chest freezer (pushing or catching the freezer around) and frozen goods with the freon are shown along with close-ups of the freezer. A jingle with the lines of “Quick Freeze, yes! DuraStar see through, kita n’yo?” was also said to be in the commercial. Aired in RPN-9.[2] Lost
"Washing Machine" It is unknown what is the plot of this commercial, though some people remember a Washing Machine commercial existing.[1] Lost
"Flat Iron" Features a tangled cloth that resembles a puppet that is moving and talking like a real person. The cloth then screams when the flat iron passed by.[3] Lost
"Music Wall" Little information about its plot, but it ran alongside the Flat Iron commercial. Only an excerpt survives.[4] Partially Found


Title Description Status
"Airpot" There is little information about this variant, but the audio of this commercial is supposedly Bill Haley and the Comets’ Rock Around the Clock.[1] Lost
"Gas Stove" The commercial starts with moving containers and a girl accidentally burning her finger when she opened the gas stove.[1] Lost
"Rice Cooker" Like with the Washing Machine variant, it is unknown what the plot of this commercial is.[1] Lost
"Chest Freezer" The second version of the Chest Freezer. The commercial started with a comic strip with a man in a necktie talking. It was proceeded by an old woman (probably Carmen Sanchez) and a little girl making ice pops, planning for an affordable chest freezer then they saw a newspaper ad that talked about the product. Aired in PTV-4. Voiceover is said to be Peter Musngi.[2] Lost
"Durastar Appliance Combo" The commercial features a couple in the last part. Advertises its various appliance. Said to have this line “buy Durastar Washer, Durastar Spin Dryer, get free Durastar Flat Iron and ironing board.” Aired in the early 2000s, in the timeframe of 2001-2002; 2005.[3] Lost


These commercials ran back-to-back with the 680 Home Appliances ad. They were aired on PTV-4 (during Motoring Today, Auto-Focus, Fun with Math, and Saturday Spectacular Specials), RPN-9, and IBC-13 (Maskman, Masked Rider Black, Machineman). It was also aired alongside KFC and Seiko Wallet ads.

Soon after the 680 Home Appliances commercial was uploaded by View on the 3rd - Jojo Bailon, there was a resurgence of eyewitnesses and search efforts for the Durastar commercials. An excerpt of a certain Music Wall ad was found, but other commercials are still unaccounted for.


Music Wall ad excerpt