Earthworm Jim PSP (cancelled Playstation Portable port; 2007)

Earthworm Jim (PSP port)
A fan's interpretation of the game's box art.
A fan's interpretation of the game's box art.
Status Lost

Earthworm Jim was a 2d platformer released on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and Super Nintendo in 1994 developed by Shiny Entertainment. The game was an immediate success, spawning two sequels, a cartoon series, and various ports over the years. And a port of the game for the PlayStation Portable was in development at one point that ended up never seeing the light of day.


At E3 2006, Atari had announced that they had acquired the rights for Earthworm Jim and were planning to port the game to the PSP. By August of 2006, it was reported that the game was 80% complete and would be ready for an early 2007 release. This port of Earthworm Jim was being developed by Interplay. By this time, Interplay was facing financial trouble as they were also working on a Fallout MMO and had to pay royalties to Shiny Entertainment. Atari had noticed the financial troubles and tried to renegotiate the contract between Atari, Interplay, and Shiny Entertainment, but failed to strike a new deal on royalty payments. Due to failed renegotiations, Atari ultimately shelved the project by mid-2007.


Released gameplay footage shows that the port was using 3D graphics, but with 2D gameplay. Earthworm Jim PSP would have classic levels like "New Junk City", but also would have added new levels. One referred to as "The Birds and the Bees" would have seen Jim caught between a war between birds and bees. Earthworm Jim would have also allowed for players to collect different parts for powerups on Jim's suit. Also new was a crouch feature that would have allowed players to crawl into smaller places.


Earthworm Jim PSP gameplay of New Junk City.

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