East Fremantle Sharks (partially lost Australian football song; 1980s)

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East Fremantle.png

The logo of the East Fremantle Sharks Football Club.

Status: Partially Lost

The East Fremantle Sharks song is a song used by the East Fremantle Football Club, an Australian Rules Football Club competing in the West Australian Football League. The song was likely recorded around 1983 or 1984 when the East Fremantle Football Club changed their nickname from "Old Easts" to "Sharks".[1] Like all other songs in Australian Rules Football, the song was played after a win and when the team ran out on to the ground before each match. The song was replaced with the current "Cheer, cheer the blue and the white" likely sometime around the 1990s.[2]

Most of the song can be found in the 1985 West Australian Football League Grand Final, where the song can be heard playing through the stadium speakers at the start as the team runs onto the ground and at the end when the team runs the lap of honour. However, the recording is not perfect, as parts of the song are cut out by people talking over the speakers and the crowd cheering can be heard throughout.

When contacted about the song, the East Fremantle Football Club claimed not to have a copy.[3]


The 1985 WAFL Grand Final. The song can be heard at the very start.