Edu Games (lost Atari 2600 games; mid 1980s-early 1990s)

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The game company's logo.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

Edu Games (Also known as Edu Juegos) was an Argentinian game company that produced pirated carts of existing Atari 2600 games throughout the 1980s, and seemingly early 1990s. While several of their games have been identified as to what they're clones of, 18 of their games haven't been identified as any already existing game out there. These games have not been dumped as of yet, and no copies have been known to circulate, which end up questioning Atari 2600 fans on whether, or not these games even exist. To this day, there are no screenshots, nor scans available for these 18 games, and the only website to acknowledge the existence of these games is Atarimania.[1]

It is most likely that these pirated games only have the company logos omitted, & possibly replaced with the Edu Games logo, as was common for Brazilian, & Argentinian companies that released Atari 2600 cartridges.

List of Games

Serial Number Game Title Status Possible Candidates
ABS-11008 Aterrizaje Existence Unconfirmed Landing Battle/Land Protection(Funvision)
ABS-11145 Busqueda Tresoro Existence Unconfirmed Treasure Discovery(Home Vision)
AAS-10006 Cocinero Existence Unconfirmed Cakewalk(Commavid)/Piece o' Cake(US Games)/Pizza Chef(Zimag)/Pressure Cooker(Activision)
ABS-11158 Fronton Existence Unconfirmed Uncertain
ABS-11047 Frutillitas Existence Unconfirmed Strawberry Shortcake - Musical Match-Ups(Parker Brothers)
ABS-11061 Ladrillos Existence Unconfirmed Ram It(Telesys)/Super Breakout(Atari)
ABS-11067 Manidbulas Partially Found Jawbreaker(Tigervision)
AAS-10023 Muppet Existence Unconfirmed Pigs In Space(Atari)
ABS-11084 Play Round Existence Unconfirmed Uncertain
ABS-11108 Space Demons Existence Unconfirmed Demon Attack(Imagic)/Demons To Diamonds(Atari)/Space Invaders(Atari)/Spacechase(Apollo)
ABS-11167 Space Power Existence Unconfirmed Uncertain
ABS-11117 Space Ship Existence Unconfirmed Star Ship(Atari)
AES-14018 Star Wars 3 Existence Unconfirmed Star Wars: Jedi Arena(Parker Brothers)
ABS-11141 Submarino Partially Found Seaquest(Activision)
ABS-11169 Swod Quest Existence Unconfirmed SwordQuest - EarthWorld/SwordQuest - FireWorld/SwordQuest - WaterWorld(Atari)
AES-14010 Tarzan Existence Unconfirmed Tomarc the Barbarian(Xonox)
ABS-11127 Traga Monedas Partially Found Slot Machine(Atari)



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